Tree Selection and Installation

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The right tree in the right location should be part of this world for a very long time.

At Seattle Tree Consulting, installing trees is a high priority.

We take a lot of pride in having the opportunity to care for mature trees – at the same time, we always remain cognizant of the fact that long before we came along, somebody installed these trees and cared for them.

It is very important that we are providing the same opportunities for future generations.

Seattle Tree Consulting takes great pleasure in helping customers choose and place trees that can be part of their legacy.

Part of becoming an ISA certified arborist is learning how to help plant trees. Often, trees are selected and installed by landscape crews that were not necessarily trained to do it properly. There are many common mistakes that are made when installing trees that can cause the trees to struggle rather than thrive.

Seattle Tree Consulting has been handling large tree installations for a long time.

We are experienced in several different methods of tree installation, including root washing.

We work with wholesale nurseries to obtain quality stock, and we tend to recommend trees that perform multiple functions at the same time. For example, it is common for people to install trees because they are looking for privacy. A tree can provide privacy, as well as a whole lot more.

At Seattle Tree Consulting we strive to recommended trees that have multiple season interest. A tree that has a nice flower display, elegant structure, and beautiful fall color is more interesting to look at throughout the year than something that does not change.

When is the best time to plant new trees?

Trees can be installed all year, but the autumn is the optimum time for planting. Please contact us at any time of the year with questions, or to make arrangements for tree installation.

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