Tree Risk Assessments
and Removal Permits

We are uniquely qualified to consult on tree risk

Lead Arborist Douglas Smith has been a Qualified Tree Risk Assessor since 2009.

(ISA Certified Arborist #PN6116-A/TRAQ).

While he has a passion for tree biology, and has always been engaged in the academic portion of the field, he also has extensive experience working on tree crews. His credentials, his extensive knowledge of species and corresponding health issues, combined with the real world experience that he has executing tree work, puts him in a perfect position to assess tree risk.

All of the local municipalities have different regulations when it comes to the removal of trees. Seattle Tree Consulting is used to working with them, and can tailor its services to the needs of your area. We write risk assessments, arborist reports, draw site maps, and write revegetation plans.

We answer questions about trees that are growing in environmentally critical areas. Many trees in the northwest are protected because they are growing on slopes or are close to waterways. Seattle Tree Consulting is very well versed in how our local municipalities and counties handle these sensitive areas.

Because Seattle Tree Consulting is so used to working with our local reviewers, we have a very good idea of what will be approved and what will not be approved. We always strive to lead our clients towards the most efficient and effective solution to their tree problems. Please email with questions.

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