Free Trees

In October 2020 Seattle Tree Consulting launched its "Free Trees" program.

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In an effort to make sure that there is a well-established urban canopy for future generations of people and animals to enjoy, Seattle Tree Consulting plants free trees for all members of the community.

Customers, neighbors of customers, and friends of customers are all welcome to email us asking for a free tree. One day a month we will be driving around the city planting native trees in 2-3 gallon pots. All of these trees will be large maturing specimens. Most of them will need water for the first few years but should establish quickly and thrive.

Featured trees in the program will be Western Red Cedar, Douglas Fir, Western Hemlock, Pacific Madrona, Gary Oak, and Red Alder. The specific trees that we have available will depend upon the current stock at the local native plant nursery that we are working with. Trees will be properly planted and mulched and watered. We do ask that homeowners clearly mark the spot where they would like their free tree planted.

For a free tree please email at the following address and tell us a bit about the space, the address, and if you would prefer an evergreen or deciduous tree.

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