How do I know that I need a consulting arborist?

Feeling confused about the status of your trees is a good enough reason to hire a consultant. One of the main functions of a consulting arborist is to keep people from making mistakes with their trees. With the use of technology and experience, a consulting arborist can evaluate the health of trees and give opinions about a tree’s likelihood of either flourishing or declining in the near future. There are also many situations in which local municipalities require the input of a consulting arborist. These situations include, but are not limited to: hazard evaluation, subdividing and new construction permits, and legal issues such as appraisals and Timber Trespass.


How much does it cost to hire a consulting arborist?
At STC we offer the opportunity for clients to hire us for short site visits and consultations that can be extremely affordable. For our clients who are in need of more complicated reports, there will always be an itemized description of the cost of our services delivered and agreed upon prior to work commencing.


My neighbor's tree is overhanging my property. Am I allowed to have it pruned?

In Seattle the law states that a homeowner is allowed to prune any vegetation that overhangs their property so long as the health of the plant is not adversely affected. However, if it is a larger tree that needs to be climbed, then all property owners must provide consent. At STC, we facilitate communication between all parties and make sure that the work to be performed is of the highest quality.


How do I know that my tree needs pruning?
Trees need to be pruned when they are overlapping, coming into contact with buildings, encroaching on walking paths, etc. Trees that have been mal-pruned in the past always need restructuring. Fruit trees are normally pruned in the winter when they are dormant. When trees begin to mature they can be limbed up to allow more light to the understory vegetation. Some trees, like dogwoods for example, are susceptible to fungal diseases like anthracnose and benefit from the increased air flow that thinning provides. In and around Seattle we can grow a tremendous range of woody plants that have many appealing characteristics. Trees naturally acquire deadwood and shed limbs throughout their life spans. Many local homeowners choose to have the dead material removed from their trees so that it doesn’t distract the eye from the other beautiful qualities that their trees have to offer. 


When should I have my tree pruned again?

It really depends on the species and the exact situation. Trees that are being restructured or retrenched may need to be pruned every year. In most cases, the work that a certified arborist does in a tree should last for 3-5 years.


When is the right time of year to prune a tree?

Proper tree pruning is minimally invasive and can be executed during any season. Some exceptions include fruit tree pruning, which is done in the winter, and the removal of adventitious growth shoots which is most effective late in the growing season when the shoots removed are less likely to multiply.


My fruit tree isn't producing, does it need pruning?

Your fruit tree might need pruning but it isn’t likely to boost your fruit production very much. What a lot of our fruiting trees in town are lacking is the appropriate species to cross-pollinate with and the bees to deliver the pollen. If you are interested in quality fruit-producing trees, we can supply you with specimens that thrive in the Pacific NW.

How do I know my tree should be removed?

If you have a tree that is dead, dying or compromised in any way you should definitely seek out the advice of a consulting arborist before deciding to remove the tree. Often times there are alternatives to removal that can be worked out. If a tree does need to be removed, there is always the option of reducing the tree to a wildlife snag that no longer poses a threat to people or property.


How do I know which tree to plant in my yard?

When you are selecting a tree to plant in your yard the most important consideration is the mature size of the plant. Many homeowners make the mistake of planting a tree that is predisposed to outgrowing its spot. Nursery tags can be misleading. They often list the height that the tree will grow to in ten years while neglecting to mention that after ten years the tree will continue to grow. It is always best to do some research and look at a few mature specimens before making a decision. There are many trees out there with incredible fall color and ornate flower displays. I tend to like trees that are attractive during several seasons as opposed to ones that are flashy in the spring and tend to disappear the rest of the year.

Is it a problem that the electrical service and my internet cable run through the canopy of the tree in my front yard? 

The northwest is full of trees and it is very common for electrical and communication cables to run through people’s vegetation. Electrical service drops and communication lines are relatively low voltage. They are usually hung with some slack in the lines so it is okay if they move around a little bit. It is possible for tree limbs to put tension on those wires and in some cases trees need to be pruned to alleviate that tension. The high voltage electrical lines that normally run high above the street are maintained by sub-contractors who work for the electric company.


Should I have my tree thinned so that it catches less wind?

If your tree has been topped, or your tree is a species that benefits from more air flow within the canopy, then your tree may need thinned.


Do you rescue drones - or cats! - from trees?

Yes we do. Contact us to set up an emergency service.


I did not submit payment at the time of service. How will I be billed?

If you did not submit full payment at the time of service, you will receive an email invoice. Once you receive your bill, there are two options for submitting payment. You can either mail your payment to Seattle Tree Consulting 3907 Aurora Ave N. Seattle, Wa 98103 or pay your invoice online when you receive it. You can pay via credit card as soon as you receive the invoice. Remember: you can pay via Paypal without having a Paypal account. Payments not submitted at the time of service incur a $25 late fee per 21 day period past the date you are invoiced. You are responsible for paying your bill on time. Accounts go to collections after 45 days past due. Please note: once a bill is past due, and is turned over to collections, we are unable to reverse this action. Please communicate with us if you are having problems getting your bill up to date. 


​What is your cancellation policy?

When a service is canceled with less than 2 business days (Mon-Fri) notice, this limits – and many times prevents – our ability to book the slot with another service. IF YOU NEED TO RESCHEDULE OR CANCEL, our office requires at least 2 business days notice to avoid a cancellation fee. Services canceled within a 1 to 2 business day time-frame will be billed a $50 cancellation fee. Upon-arrival cancellations and cancellations of within 24hrs will be billed $250 or the full cost of service, whichever is less. We do understand that natural disasters do sometimes occur and we can honor emergency situations with documentation.